Hi, I'm Joe. I'm 24. I work for Fueled as a Frontend Developer. Currently trying to bridge the gap between design & development. Building web applications with modern technologies. The last 2 years at Fueled have given me the opportunity to lead & contribute to some really interesting projects from large organisations to small startups. I've been experimenting with code since the age of 11 and took a full time role as a web designer in 2013 but made the jump to Frontend in 2015.

Everyday Tools

Atom, iTerm2, Vim, Chrome, Vue, React & Sass


Minimalism, Tech, Gaming, Reading, Coffee & Netflix



[Altco] ↗

A simple altcoin ticker with the top headlines on crypto. Built with Vanilla JS and CSS. You can view the source here.

[Freddy] ↗

A JSON Viewer built with Vue & Electron. Freddy allows you to view JSON in a simplified tree view. You can view the source here.

[sudo.news] ↗

A news aggregator for programmers built with Angular. You can view the source here.


[Bem 101] ↗

02 Apr 2015